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We thought it’s an opportune time to assure you all of our safety credentials after a couple of incidents involving ball rolling in New Zealand recently.

1. Any reports of accidents or investigations from authorities that you may have seen in the media were involving a different operator, not OGO Rotorua.

2. OGO Rotorua has been a certified adventure operator since the register began in November 2014. Note that it is an offence for operators to be unregistered and that OGO ROTORUA is the only ball rolling operator (as at February 2016) that is registered.


It is ethically and legally mandatory that responsible Adventure Tourism operators will have robust safety systems and it is our guarantee to you that OGO Rotorua will continue to lead the ball rolling industry in customer care and safety.



Recently released




We are offering free wifi access to OGO customers.
Just ask the reception crew for the password.
We know what it's like; you're cruising the world and you want to check in with mum ... or send a photo to that person you met last night ... or check your emails to see if the Nigerians have sent that $10,000,000 through yet. We've made it a little easier for you with FREE wifi available to all of our visitors.





OGO Rotorua were happy to be hosting the cast and crew of the hit TV show from China

Daddy Where Are We Going 2

The show was filmed over a week in Rotorua and included 5 Rotorua families hosting 5 celebrity dads and their children from China. It focuses on the children and interactions in unfamiliar environments.

Two of the host families took their dads 'Eeling', two hosts took their dads Mountain Biking in the Whakarewarewa Redwood Forest and our Manager Kelly and his family (Vanessa, Saraya & Sophia) bought Huang Lei and Duo Duo to experience OGO.

The OGO Challenge

PART 1 - It all started with the Dads and daughters racing up the 250m straight track on foot, diving into the OGO at the top and racing down with 50lts of warm water. The foot race was taken out by the locals, But the visitors won the OGO race.

PART 2 - In this race the daughters had to change into a Superman outfit while riding in the 350m Sidewinder Track! Duo Duo and Saraya both put in a huge effort and I think the result was a draw.

Duo Duo was having so much fun she wanted to go again and again. So she and Saraya kept going until the sun went down. The dads were hanging in the hot tubs!

see the images here

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OGO Rotorua

owned and operated by the inventors

In 1994, Andrew Akers and Dwane van der Sluis invented a big inflatable ball that people could jump inside and roll around in. Initially they thought they could use the ball for walking on water but they soon found they could have more fun rolling down hills in it.

For 12 years Andrew ran the Zorb group of companies, developing the idea around the world, before selling out in 2006.

Andrew and his brother David, have now developed the OGO to continue the vision.

Set on a stunning 17 acre property overlooking Lake Rotorua and Mokoia Island you’ll find the home of OGO, just a 5 minute drive from Rotorua’s town centre and right next door to the famous Skyline Skyrides luge, Rainbow Springs and Mitai Maori Village.

Visitors are offered multiple OGO ride options where we add 40 litres of water; (cool in summer, warm in winter). Choose from:



ride options

choose how you roll

As the inventors of this iconic adventure experience, at OGO Rotorua, visitors are offered multiple OGO ride options where we add 40 litres of water; (cool in summer, warm in winter).

H2OGO Straight Tracks:

The side by side H2OGO Straight Tracks start from 250m up the hill. Superman-dive into the OGO on your own, or have one, two or three friends in there together and race another OGO downhill.

H2OGO Sidewinder Track:

The world’s longest track! 350+ metres with 6 massive corners that send you and a friend in different directions as you zig zag your way down the hill in a wash of water in the mixed up craziness.

Harness OGO:

Not into getting wet? Then take on our 200m OGO Harness Ride, where you are strapped in one person at a time and spin head over heels down our scenic track.

OGO is a great all weather activity, catering with ease for corporate groups with team building options, school groups for education packages, social club functions and hen & stag parties.

We have fantastic on-site facilities including a hot tub to soak in between rides, a covered viewing area, heated changing rooms, hairdryers etc

And to make sure we capture every laughing, screaming moment we have GoPro cameras inside to video every ride and our on-site photographer to capture the smiles and victory poses at the bottom.

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