We have a strong commitment to ensuring that we practice a sustainable business platform that considers the environmental, social and financial impacts in all parts of our business.

Through our belief in kaitiakitaanga (the Māori concept of guardianship, for the sky, the sea, and the land) we are responsible for ensuring our site and our environment is looked after and treated with respect for future generations to enjoy.

Native tree planting, pest management, free school group talks, SH5 rubbish warriors and food bank fundraisers are all part of what is integrated into our day to day OGO Rotoruabusiness. OGO Rotorua is also a member of the Rotorua Sustainable Tourism Charter.

OGO Rotorua has made a commitment to the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability programme  – This initiative aims to see every New Zealand tourism business committed to sustainability by 2025. To deliver on this, we must achieve ambitious economic goals while sharing the overwhelming benefits with supportive host communities, contributing to restoring, protecting and enhancing our natural environment, and continuing to be a high quality destination of choice for domestic and international travellers. Find out more here:

Part of our Sustainable Commitment ( kaitiakitaanga) includes:

  • All site rubbish is sorted and recycled weekly.
  • We reuse all OGO parts were possible, the rest gets recycled into children’s playground safety mats.
  • OGO worm farm and compost set up to dispose of all our organic waste.
  • Roadside Rubbish Warriors – Daily rubbish collection from SH5.
  • We only use natural and organic cleaning products onsite.
  • Through Ngati Whakaue, we recently planted over 2500 native NZ trees & plants on the hillside of our site.

Our commitment also includes creating a sustainable and viable tourism industry that benefits the entire community, through staff up skilling, well being programmes (OGO Bootcamp), exhibiting at the Rotorua Careers Expo and educational workshops with local and domestic schools of all of ages we aim to demonstrate tourism as a prosperous and rewarding career option.

The Tiaki Promise

New Zealand is precious, and everyone who lives and travels here has a responsibility to look after it. The Tiaki Promise is a commitment to care for New Zealand, for now and for  future generations.  Tiaki – Care for New Zealand encourages Kiwis and visitors alike to experience New Zealand in a way that keeps everyone safe, protects our environment, respects our culture and protects the country for future generations.  By supporting the Tiaki Promise, we are making a commitment to New Zealand by acting as a guardians, protecting and preserving our home.

Learn about how you can participate in the Tiaki Promise here:

Ngati Whakaue Tribal Farmlands

We have a strong relationship with local iwi that demonstrates the relationship between the commercial world of tourism and the landowners (Ngati Whakaue). If OGO is successful, then a higher percentage of our revenue is paid to Ngati Whakaue, in turn this is invested into the future of the tribe, to provide a sustainable income source for the iwi. We also support Ngati Whakaue’s future leaders programme, where the youth learn about the different ways in which the iwi uses their land. We are privileged to share this relationship with the iwi.