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OGO buys Zorb – now rolling as one

Saturday 18, May 2019

The Zorb journey has come full circle with the inventor buying back the company launched 25 years ago, amalgamating the … Continue reading →

Our favourite places to eat in Rotorua, NZ

Friday 22, March 2019

Let’s be honest, one of the best things about being on holiday is eating out and not having to cook … Continue reading →

Other cool creations by OGO Rotorua’s inventive owners

Wednesday 20, February 2019

Us Kiwis are known to be an inventive bunch, check out this list we put together of Kiwi inventions that … Continue reading →

Beat the heat in Rotorua – the best five things to do on a hot day

Wednesday 16, January 2019

Jumping into a hot car, that sticky sunscreen feeling and ridiculous tan lines… yep it is safe to say that … Continue reading →

OGO Myth Busters

Wednesday 19, December 2018

A bucket list adventure activity invented right here in Rotorua, New Zealand. Why would anyone want to do that? So, … Continue reading →

Choosing your OGO track

Wednesday 24, October 2018

It has been a busy few months for the whole team here at OGO Rotorua, we’ve doubled the size of … Continue reading →

Behind the scenes, the making of Big Air

Friday 21, September 2018

Read about how the latest addition to the OGO family came to be.   A lot of work goes into … Continue reading →

Ten Kiwi inventions just as quirky as our OGO ball

Tuesday 29, May 2018

New Zealanders are known for their kiwi ingenuity and innovation. Here at OGO, quirky inventions are something we celebrate – … Continue reading →

More than just a good ball rolling story

Tuesday 24, April 2018

Rolling down a hill in a plastic ball: How OGO Rotorua came to be Way back in 1994 Andrew Akers … Continue reading →

Five things you didn’t know about our OGO ball…

Tuesday 27, March 2018

The OGO ball is an iconic – and rather quirky – New Zealand adventure activity. Invented by two true-blue kiwis, … Continue reading →