OGLOW – Winter Solstice

Ever wanted to roll down a hill in giant inflatable ball? Now, how about in the dark?

Announcing the very first ever…
OGLOW – Winter Solstice!

Experience the thrill of our iconic Rotorua invention on a whole other level… Glow in the dark OGOs, toasty warm hot tubs, delicious food and an electric atmosphere. Available for one night only to celebrate the shortest day and longest night of the year.



  • Thursday 21 June 2018

  • 5.00pm -10.00pm

  • Tickets available exclusively via GrabOne.co.nz 

  • Limited ticket sales available for this one night only event – Click here to book your spot now!

  • Delicious Gourmet BBQ & Bar facilities onsite all night – provided by our friends at Terrace Kitchen

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OGLOW Packages –  One time only!

1 ride for $15.00 pp  – 1x 250m Straight Track  (normally $45.00)

2 rides for $35.00 pp – 1x 250 Straight Track & 1x 350m Sidewinder Track (normally $80.00)

3 rides for $49.00 pp – 1x 250m Straight Track, 1x 350m Sidewinder & 1x 350m MEGA Track (normally $129.00)

Please note: Each package is per person, you can decide who you ride with on the day (Max 3 people in Straight and Sidewinder, Max 2 people in MEGA Track)

Got a group of friends or workmates you want to bring along? Send an email to:events@ogo.co.nz for a special group deal!

OGLOW Terms and Conditions:

  • Minimum ages to ride is 6 years of age
  • Maximum individual weight is 125kgs & 250 kgs combined weight for more than rider in an OGO
  • Tickets are sold on a per person basis, maximum 3 people per OGO per ride , MEGA track max is 2  people per OGO
  • All rides are H2OGO (with water) rides, don’t worry it’s warm water inside!
  • Please ensure you arrive and are checked in at the correct time, failure to do so could result  you having to wait for next available time slot.
  • Be sure to bring swimwear and towels as well as lots of warm clothing – jackets and fleeces for after your rides
  • OGO Rotorua  standard operating procedures apply, if a ride isn’t available your ride will be substituted for an alternative on the evening. In the event of extreme weather the event will be postponed until Friday 22 June 2018.  Should we be unable to fulfill your evening rides due to extreme weather, your rides will be transferred to daytime OGO rides for redemption during our normal daytime operating hours up until 30 September 2018.
  • All tickets purchased are non- refundable and cannot be cancelled within 7 days of the event.

Wanna know more about OGO Rotorua – Check us out here www.ogo.co.nz

OGO is an adventure activity in which 1, 2 or 3 people are stuffed into a large transparent inflatable ball which is then pushed down a hill, water is then added (cool in the summer and warm in the winter) to create a crazy slide of slippery, screaming goodness.

Invented by the owners of OGO, Rotorua remains the only location in New Zealand to experience this iconic activity we offer the longest and craziest rides in the world! With three different tracks and two ride styles, OGO Rotorua offers a range of experiences for your bi-spherical enjoyment:

OGO Straight Track – 250m: Race your mum, your mates or your arch-enemy down the 250m long straight tracks for maximum speed and bragging rights (loser buys lunch).

OGO Sidewinder Track- 350m: 6 massive corners combined with the longest zig -zag track in the land to blow your mind like a cross between a roller-coaster and a waterfall.

*NEW* MEGA Track – 350m: The fastest, longest and steepest downhill ball rolling track in the WORLD! Perched high up on the edge of the ultimate drop, feel the earth disappear beneath you as you plummet down the craziest track invented. If the epic view doesn’t take your breath away, the sheer scale will have you gasping…